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SSpS Ethiopia - South Sudan/Uganda

An international community of women, dedicated to the life-giving SPIRIT, called and sent, in mission for mission, to make know the saving LOVE of the TRIUNE GOD to all people. Anchored in the Trinitarian Spirituality, nourished by the word of God and Eucharist, guided by the Spirit discernment, we are sent as prophetic missionary communities beyond barriers of languages culture and social classes in order to reveal the feminine face of the Triune God

Founded in 1889 in Steyl, the Nederland, by St. Arnold Janssen with Blessed Maria, Helena Stollenwerk, and Mother Josepha, Hendrina Stenmanns.

St. Arnold Janssen who was canonized on the 5 of October 2003 with the first Divine Word Missionaries St. Joseph Frinademetz, founded three congregations. Two women Congregations and a male congregation supported lay associations in most of the countries. The SSpS work hand in hand with the Divine Missionaries in five continents.

Sharing in the same MISSION of JESUS, we are committed to life-promoting relationship in communities, especially with the poor and marginalized. within 50 countries and in the five continents, we serve in  the local church in various ministries, such as education, health care, social-pastoral, development and in other relevant apostolate

in 1995 SSpS began the first mission in Alemtena - Ethiopai

SSpS are engaged in Kindergartner, Women Promotion, Health Care, Integrated rural development, youth animation and pastoral work 


Where we are

Addis Abeba

Convent of the Holy Spirit
P.O.Box 57115


Convent of Holy Spirit Sisters


Convent of the Holy Spirit


Convent of the Holy Spirit
P.O.Box 57115


Convent of the Holy Spirit

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