Celebrating 25 years of God’s unfailing presence ever with us

As he came up and walked by the side of the disciple, as He walked at our side … so we too strive to be His presence … to come up and wallaby the side of the people we are sent to. … remembering that we are just servants, we have done no more than our duty.


We are happy to share in this website the Joy of recalling and celebrating the stories, blessing and sign of GOD’S DIVINE PRESENCE throughout the 25 years of SSpS presence in Ethiopia which extended to South – Sudan and Uganda.

History of 25 years might not seem long if we realize that there are histories that go through centuries and ages. However, what is important, is not the length, but what He, our GOD, writes and accomplish through his chosen ones. And it is precisely what we, as the Divine Presence Region, have been recalling and celebrating this years.

We have chosen for our silver jubilee celebration the theme: “Did not our heart burn within us as He walked with us on the road”, because we do recognize and are tangibly aware of the grace of constant accompaniment, constant PRESENCE OF GOD on our journey … the Holy Triune God drawing near and walking with us … in all circumstances of our religious missionary life, in joyful happening, challenging events, encounters with people, their culture and their stories; in encounters with each other, our own culture, our giftedness and woundedness … writing HIS story with our lives and using our responses to accomplish His mission.

As we celebrate with gratitude God’s unfailing Presence and Providence ever-with us, we are grateful for ever person and event in our Region’s history that proved HIS faithfulness to us.

On behalf of all the sisters in the Region I wish to express our sincere gratitude to all who have walked with us the way of service to the people we have been sent to. It is difficult to mention each one by name and to spell out the blessings that came our way through people from near and far … just be sure, you who read this words, that you are one of those whom we wish to remember … and pray for with joy …for all the support and thoughtful presence we are grateful …. History is His (God’s) Story … and it is also our story

Thank you for being part of our common STORY

Sr. Judyta Ligieze SSpS