Region of Divine Presence Ethiopia / South Sudan

JPIC Activities of the year 2020

We look at JPIC as a way of life and not just as ministry- one among others. Justice is seen asright relationship. Right relationship with God, with others with self and with creation.Religious life can be understood and appreciated best from the perspective of radical discipleship. To be a disciple means to do and say what Jesus was, did and said with the same attitude.

MIC: 6-8

I ask you this, and only this

Love tenderly,

Act Justly

Walk humbly with our God

We are being called to live radically  our religious life basing it on the call.: to love tenderly, to act justly and to walk humbly with our God.  As we follow Jesus Christ let us be more rooted in God’s word.  May God give us the courage and strength to follow him ardently doing his will

JPIC activities of the year 2020• Community animation on JPIC once a year ( Four Communities)• Sharing with aspirants on JPIC once a year.• Gathering information’s and materials on JPIC and distribute them to the communities.• Networking with other NGOS, JPIC Coordinators, ECS (Ethiopian  Catholic Secretariat) and CMRS ( Conference of Major Religious superiors).• Inviting a resource person to talk on a current JPIC issue in Ethiopia in one of the assemblies