Vocation Animation

Sr. Theresia Sitriyati SSpS

n February 23th until March 3th 2020 I was attending the National Vocation Animation of Uganda conducted at Fort Portal Diocese. 25 religious from different congregations and different dioceses in Ugandan attended this program. The Goal of this program is to awaken and encourage sensitivity to the call of GOD in the lives of the young people. The program was organized by DARVA (Diocesan Association Religious Vocation-Animation) of Kampala-Uganda.  I was invited to give energizer during our encounters with the youth. We visited 42 schools in different level of education. We met around 700 until 1030 students in each school. They experience first time this kind of the National Vocation-Animation program. Each of us made short introduction about own Congregation after on from us shared about Vocation. It was interesting and wonderful experience for me to share about our SSpS Congregation and how God has called me. After that the students ask with enthusiasm many questions, wanted to know more about the Vocation. On Sundays and on Ash Wednesday we celebrated the Holy Eucharist. Later similar program will be continued in other dioceses of Uganda.